Million Learners Project
Creating Culture of Learning

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Great Features

Interesting | Engaging | Bite-Sized

Designed for Everyone

Our aim is to create a culture of learning which is dying in the race of managing studies, careers and business. Our tiny knowledge modules are designed for every individual regardless of their educational, financial, regional or cultural backgrounds.

Crafted with Care

Our weekly free knowledge modules are crafted with care. Delivered weekly in the form of videos or audios or infographics or texts to make them easy to learn and fun to remember. These modules can be learnt in minutes and revised whenever required.

Ever Evolving

Our knowledge modules are very practical in nature. Focus is on personal, professional and entrepreneurial development. The best part is that anyone be it students, professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives, senior citizens can join and benefit.

About Million Learners
We are a bunch of enthusiastic professionals and academicians on a mission to create a learning culture and make learning a habit. Time, money, location and accessibility should not become hurdles in the constant learning process. And that's why Million Learners provides new skills and knowledge modules in the form of FREE e-learning on a weekly basis. Moreover, these free weekly e-learning knowledge capsules will come in different forms such as videos, infographics, audios, texts and so on so that you don't get bored. Well, if you wish to become a part of this learning revolution, go ahead and sign up now!!

What to Expect?

Expect a new e-learning module on a weekly basis on some of the most important aspects of Life, Career, Business, Relationships and More delivered in a refreshing way and in small nuggets so that you don't compromise on the other important routine tasks.